Alternative Investing - Investing in Collectible Assets

Although stocks are my preferred vehicle for investing and growing one's wealth, all facets of the concept of investing are interesting to me. Therefore, I have made the dive into investing in collectible assets via Rally Rd,

Rally Rd. is a platform for buying and selling equity shares in collectible assets. Rally does all the dirty work. They source, verify, and acquire the most noteworthy items from collections and individuals all over the world. Once an item is acquired, they turn the item into a "company" via regulatory qualification and split it into equity shares. Investors and then buy shares via an IPO and then sell shares to others after 90 days.

Fees: Rally doesn't charge any commissions or management fees on the value of one's investments. Also, the App is free and all trades are free. Not bad.

Valuation: To be honest, I have no idea how to value a comic book or bottle of wine as the assets generate no income (unless like a museum or something is paying a fee to display the item for a period of time). However, I also have no idea how one values bitcoin, and that seems to have done well.

These items are valued like commodities and demand is influenced based on scarcity and consumer interest in collectible items. I have no interest in making any large investments in this space. However, it would be awesome to get lucky and buy a stake into something that takes off in valuation for no maybe fiat currency runs into a day of reckoning and inflation ramps making alternative assets, which can act as a "store of value", take off; who knows.

What Do I Own: Thus far, I have taken part in 3 IPOs including: a watch, a set of 12 bottles of wine, and a comic book. The watch is valued at $165K, the wine is valued at $78K, and the comic book is valued at $20K. We'll see what happens.... I have a total of $17 invested; so I am clearly here only for fun. Personally, I see no difference between the $3 wine I can buy at Hy-Vee and a $78K set. But if wine takes off like Bitcoin, I may retire.

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