How is structured, currently...

For those interested in using this site as a tool from time to time along their investment journey, here is some context on how this site is structured:

  • Blog Page: Quick updates on topics I am thinking about or hot topics of the moment. Aim to write posts no more than 1-2 min in reading duration.

  • Stocks in Scope Page: For each stock listed, there is python code on the back-end that scrapes financial data directly via (using XBRL tags and such to isolate individual line items off the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows). Additionally, option data is pulled in via the YFinance python package and dividend data is pulled from the company's investor relations page. The code scripts run daily; so the information should be somewhat current. Moving forward, I will investigate better automation strategies for updates.

  • Portfolio Page: Breakdown of what I am currently invested in, for full disclosure. As a general comment, the order of operations of investing should follow:

  1. Tax deferred accounts, as applicable: 401K, Roth/Traditional IRA, 529, HSA, etc.

  2. Discretionary accounts: Separate brokerage account(s)

Invest in option 1 first then option 2.

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