Huge Earnings Day

Today may be the largest earnings day I have ever been a part of, with all the big names reporting after hours. Stocks reporting, in order of how well they did (in my opinion):

  • Apple

  • 4-for-1 Split Coming; end of August

  • Revenue: $59.7 B vs $52.3 B expected; blowout, up 11% YoY.

  • EPS: @2.58 vs $2.07 expected; blowout

  • Key - Services revenue growth is on fire.

  • Prediction - Multiple expansion coming; buy.

  • FB

  • Another blowout quarter

  • Revenue: $18.7B vs $17.4B expected; up from $16.9B a year ago.

  • EPS: $1.80 vs $1.39 expected; up from $0.91 a year ago

  • AMZN

  • Revenue: $88.9 B vs $81.53 B expected; up from $63.4 B a year ago.

  • EPS: $10.30 vs $1.46; massive beat

  • Having AMZN ranked 3rd here is almost unbelieveable based on how well they did; just proves how well FB and AAPL performed.


  • Revenue: $38.3 B vs $37.36 B expected; however, revenue decline YoY

  • EPS: $10.13 vs $8.34 expected, and again, a decline YoY

  • Other Bets division of GOOGL is a big expense to operating income

  • The worst quarter of the group; but much better than expected.

Overall, tech is thriving. All names are a buy right now. I personally, think FB is the best over buy, followed by: AAPL, AMZN, GOOGL.

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