Robinhood Portfolio - A view via Tableau

Ok, using the following python code, I web-scrapped all stock prices from and updated my overall, dollar based, ownership status of my top equity holdings.

Python Code:

*Note: The python code is current stored in the cloud via google colab, but is meant to be run on one's local drive, with all file paths updated accordingly. Also, for AMZN and GOOGL, I modified the code to take the comma out of shares prices over $999.99 so that python could convert strings to floats. If one owns other stocks, such modifications would have to be expanded to those as well.

Overall, my dollar based ownership status of my Robinhood account looks like this:

This view helps me see where my investments are concentrated and where I need to buy more. As share prices fluctuate, this automated process allows one to keep track of their holdings and rebalance as needed.

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