Some growth stocks I'm watching

As I was talking with Lee, I noted some growth stock of interest (Year over Year revenue growth rate, Mkt Cap included):

  • NET (49%, $11.5B)

  • SPLK (31%, $31.2B)

  • PLAN (45%, $6.8B)

  • ZUO (17%, $1.5B)

  • ZEN (36%, $10.3B

  • COUP (50%, $19.5B)

  • TEAM (37%, $23.2B)

  • MDB (58%, $13.1B)

  • OKTA (47%, $25.8B)

  • TW (17%, $12.7B)

  • RNG (34%, $25B)

I own a little bit of each (....and with Robinhood fractional shares functionality, it can be very little ~$1). Need to do some more work on them. Most, if not all, lose money; but some will be big winners. Noting here for future follow up.

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